Adopting American LANTSCATE/S9000 DCS to automatically manage and control the production process of Acrylamide crystal by bio-chemical method. It enables operators not only to take a panoramic view of the situation, but also to monitor and operate any control loop, realizing information manage concentration. It particularly suits for complex, variable, inflammable, explosive and polymerizing in the Acrylamide production process. Because of the powerful DCS control ability, it not only realizes the continuous control, but also sequential control and discrete control. It plays an important role in stabilizing and improving product quality, and reducing staff labour intensity.

Quality control department provides quality controlling and testing for Changjiu Agrochemical Co.,Ltd. It is under the charge of general engineer of the company. It indudes thirteen employees, two testing engineers, two assistant engineers and three senior technicians. The department is equipped with kinds of advanced instruments, such as five Japanese Shimadzu chromatographic analysers GC-8A, two Germany Sartorius electronic balances, two METTLER TOLEDO 320-S pH meters, two Abbe refractometer and 7220G/724 spectrophotometer, and so on. The department owns complete and advanced product testing ways.

The company adopts the third generation technology microbiological method, which is the most advanced AM production method. High selectivity, high activity and high efficiency are the characteristics of the technology. The major reactant AN can reach complete reaction, no impurity as by-product, inorganic salt and residual ion, The complete technologic process is carried on under normal pressure and temperature, has little waste water, waste gas and waste solid. The core of microbiological method technology is to produce a kind of leaven with higher AN hydration enzymatic activity cell.

Control centres staff is supervising and conducting production process
Quality control department is testing the product by Shimadzu chromatographic analyser
Adopt hollow fibre film and di-direction flow technology in place of sack-filtrating, board frame filtration, avoiding mycelium separation in the production. By adopting the technology, reclaim ratio and production quality enhance greatly, product process predigest, energy save, pollution reduce.
Bacterial spawn room technician is disinfecting
It chroma of original mix AM aquatic solution is more than five hundred units(colour twenty percent solution), chroma of this solution which is separated by hollow fibre film is lower than ten units(colour twenty percent solution), clearer than table-water.



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